Covid-19ワクチンと生理の乱れとの関連はない。(Covid-19 vaccine not linked with period disruption)


2023-03-23 エディンバラ大学



COVID-19ワクチン接種後の月経周期の変化と疾患に関するレトロスペクティブケースコントロールスタディ A retrospective case-control study on menstrual cycle changes following COVID-19 vaccination and disease

Alexandra Alvergne,Gabriella Kountourides,M. Austin Argentieri,Lisa Agyen,Natalie Rogers,Dawn Knight,Gemma C Sharp,Jacqueline A Maybin,Zuzanna Olszewska
iScience  Published:March 15, 2023

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•Menstrual disturbances were reported by 1 in 5 people after COVID-19 vaccination

•Perceived vaccine-related menstrual changes decreased with combined contraceptives

•Vaccinated individuals were not at increased risk of abnormal uterine bleeding

•COVID-19 disease associated with heavier menstrual flow volume


There has been increasing public concern that COVID-19 vaccination causes menstrual disturbance regarding the relative effect of vaccination compared to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Our objectives were to test potential risk factors for reporting menstrual cycle changes following COVID-19 vaccination and to compare menstrual parameters following COVID-19 vaccination and COVID-19 disease. We performed a secondary analysis of a retrospective online survey conducted in the UK in March 2021. In pre-menopausal vaccinated participants (n=4,989), 18% reported menstrual cycle changes after their first COVID-19 vaccine injection. The prevalence of reporting any menstrual changes was higher for women who smoke, have a history of COVID-19 disease, or are not using oestradiol-containing contraceptives. In a second sample including both vaccinated and unvaccinated participants (n=12,579), COVID-19 vaccination alone was not associated with abnormal menstrual cycle parameters while a history of COVID-19 disease was associated with an increased risk of reporting heavier bleeding, ‘missed’ periods and inter-menstrual bleeding.